A review by:

Mr. Chan Bing Fai

Former school teacher, Headmaster and educational technologist

Lynn Wong's latest book is SMILE though your heart is ACHING. This is a much awaited book, a worthy sequel to her first book "As Time Goes By" published five years ago. Both her books are generally about life and living. They are not autobiographies.

Her first book is centred more on childhood memories and growing up pains based more on events, observations and her responses and reactions to them, with the innocence of a child. Her latest book, however, is about the adult world with its ups and downs.

It is also about fighting corporate battles.

The words she has chosen carry her thoughts succinctly. They are warm and friendly without being pretentious. The topics included in both her books cover a broad spectrum of subjects and events. Some are more hilarious and many are focused on a more serious note.

Her approach to life is spontaneous, governed by prudence and common sense. It appears lighthearted and easy. Being a keen observer, even trifles, will not escape her scrutiny. Her response to these is largely based on common sense and knowledge; laced with wisdom.

Her thoughts flow through smoothly from one idea to another and the transition is gentle, methodical, tidy and logical. Lynn's philosophy appears simple and yet very profound and thoughtful; gracious and tinged with a lot of human skills and understanding.

Her books are very personal and subjective; unique, highly perceptive, intimate and reflective. I have enjoyed reading both her books and excitedly look forward to her next one which I hope will not take too long to come to fruition.

Her artist -illustrator- is equally talented in bringing out the many encounters and experiences of the author through her drawings; depicting expressions, moods and emotions subtly and with precision. Congratulations to both of you for complementing each other perfectly!

The typography and layout is attractive and designed for easy reading. The book is available in major bookstores.

It is priced at RM27.90.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


If, at times, I appear wild...willful...whimsy and weird, that's because I am!!
Still love me...?!


I'm in love!  Unfortunately it's a one sided thing and my affections will never be returned.
Though I've never met the man in person, I feel I've known him all my life through his writings; an extraordinary gentleman, he certainly was.

I'm dying to meet CS LEWIS someday. We have so much to talk about ...


I'm quite happy with my ordinary life of family; some reading - writing - teaching - gardening - some travelling - meeting with friends - bonding with family - watching our grand kids grow. 
Boring life by all standards but suits me fine, for now!

Keeping It Simple; Less Is More.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


When we walk with wisdom ... discernment ... understanding ...knowledge ... courage ... and common sense, we can expect happiness, harmony, health, longevity and prosperity to follow.

Success is good.  Significance is better.
Significant success is best!


Much of our anxieties and worries are mostly storms in a tea cup! Looking back, these same troubling concerns never come to pass and yet we virtually allow them to ruin our lives and relationships.
Time for a mind shift...


Just thinking of you makes me happy!
Thank you for consistently depositing into my life. Your affirmation; your gift of love and concern; your many deeds of kindness; your warm embrace; the quality time all add up to empower and enrich my life in more ways than you imagine possible.
And I sincerely hope in some small way, I make you happy too!

Life is really about relationships...

Friday, October 27, 2017


A friend remarked: "Of all the happy people I know, you're by far the happiest of them all."
What a compliment! I'm thrilled that's the impression I project.. Every so often I'm just bursting with joy and overcome with gladness; mostly over small things. I believe many of you can relate.

Seriously, I view   h a p p y   seriously! 
The last thing I want is to come across as a grouch, sour puss, sore loser and a pain in the you-know-where. Kill me!
Thanks again for the compliment, dear friend. I shall do my best to stay happy always!!! 


McD drive thru' is fun and fine but once in awhile, I like to indulge...

Thursday, October 26, 2017


I'm positively influenced and inspired by all the strikingly beautiful garden posts flooding the internet, especially the ones put up by my good friends May and Peter. Their garden is so Eden! 
How often I've walked the length and breadth of their floral and fauna paradise, in my mind; leaving permanent footprints; admiring the work and toil of their hands.

For years, I've never even ventured into my own backyard let alone grow anything. But  my friends who are garden enthusiasts, including my sister, called out to me persistently and persuasively. 
Very soon I was done in! Totally smitten, consumed with passion I hopped on board with a vengeance. 
My friends spurred my interest, weeded out my scepticism and planted me firmly on hallowed ground!
I'm delighted to share that today I have my own little Eden ... my sanctuary. 

Nice huh!


"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?"
Vain and wanting? Maybe, but is that all bad? Healthy competition never hurt. It shouldn't anyway.

Mother was woman! (AS IF WE DIDN'T KNOW. DUH!) I mean WOMAN. She was vain and wanting, sure. Mother refused to leave the house without lipstick on her luscious lips. She wore proper shoes always whether to the dance, doctor or the market. She was particular with how she looked; never a hair out of place. Mother was eighty one when she passed away. A few days before her demise (as if she had planned it) she asked for a hair perm, her long manicured nails to be varnished. She had a complete spa treatment (at home) insisted for her hair dyed black and given a facial. That was mother.
Sorry, I never intended to glorify my mother but it seemed so natural to equate mother with WOMAN and it was my intention to write about WOMAN! Excuse me, if I've missed the mark. 

Asian women maintain that particular reserved air about us. For example we don't take compliments well! Every time I sing praises about mother to her face, she would inevitably end up belittling herself and insists she's a nobody.

Time we realized our true value and self worth.
So, MIRROR ON THE WALL, what do you say to the legions of women who stand before you every second of the day? Women who are a little unsure of themselves; a little beaten, battered perhaps and needing a boost...

MIRROR, with an enigmatic smile, replies: You, fair lady are keeper of your destiny. Be all you can be... spicy, spunky, sensitive, sexy, sensual, sensational and YES, secretive. That is WOMAN'S prerogative. You are competent, capable, competitive, compassionate, caring, curious and YES, controlling. That, too, is WOMAN'S prerogative. 
Never settle for less. 
Listen and heed the wisdom of MIRROR.