A review by:

Mr. Chan Bing Fai

Former school teacher, Headmaster and educational technologist

Lynn Wong's latest book is SMILE though your heart is ACHING. This is a much awaited book, a worthy sequel to her first book "As Time Goes By" published five years ago. Both her books are generally about life and living. They are not autobiographies.

Her first book is centred more on childhood memories and growing up pains based more on events, observations and her responses and reactions to them, with the innocence of a child. Her latest book, however, is about the adult world with its ups and downs.

It is also about fighting corporate battles.

The words she has chosen carry her thoughts succinctly. They are warm and friendly without being pretentious. The topics included in both her books cover a broad spectrum of subjects and events. Some are more hilarious and many are focused on a more serious note.

Her approach to life is spontaneous, governed by prudence and common sense. It appears lighthearted and easy. Being a keen observer, even trifles, will not escape her scrutiny. Her response to these is largely based on common sense and knowledge; laced with wisdom.

Her thoughts flow through smoothly from one idea to another and the transition is gentle, methodical, tidy and logical. Lynn's philosophy appears simple and yet very profound and thoughtful; gracious and tinged with a lot of human skills and understanding.

Her books are very personal and subjective; unique, highly perceptive, intimate and reflective. I have enjoyed reading both her books and excitedly look forward to her next one which I hope will not take too long to come to fruition.

Her artist -illustrator- is equally talented in bringing out the many encounters and experiences of the author through her drawings; depicting expressions, moods and emotions subtly and with precision. Congratulations to both of you for complementing each other perfectly!

The typography and layout is attractive and designed for easy reading. The book is available in major bookstores.

It is priced at RM27.90.

Monday, May 15, 2017


"The unbearable lightness of being..."
He says it so well. She can never have enough of him! One can explain the racing pulse, the heightening heartbeat, the walking on air, the dancing on light feet. But of the sensation he brings to her heart and liver (the very source of life), words fail!

She is his very life.

A perfect unison in thought, purpose and expression although separated by time and distance...love wins.


When two die-hard romantics meet and start to reminisce, there's bound to be fireworks! The mental skies light up with a magnificent display of colours and patterns dancing in synchronicity to heavenly sounds, creating an emotional explosion so strong that it rocks body, mind and spirit. 
Such is the power of love...


It's a mistake to think that if we act sullen; sulk, suffer and play the martyr, people will pity us! On the contrary they'll avoid such 'pathetic' individuals like the plague. No one likes to be in a pity party. 
Self inflicted misery doesn't serve any purpose except to aggravate, worsen and ruin relationships. People can only take bad manners, temper tantrums and dramas to a certain extent. Eventually they'll get bored, bolt their doors and leave you to your charade!
Be joyful and let loose your cheerfulness without reservation. Your innate attractiveness will soon draw adoring masses to your side. 
Life is good again!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The story of the hare and tortoise is still popular and relevant today. The hare was confident he had a sure win over the slow tortoise. 
When the finish line was in sight, he decided to catch forty winks.

Meanwhile tortoise knew winning was slim but nevertheless he continued to plod on. Soon he was crossing the finish line while the hare was just awakening from his nap!

From the tortoise, we can learn valuable lessons. The odds maybe against us but we should never give up prematurely. Keep our eyes and efforts focused on achieving the goal and do not let circumstances or people intimidate us. 
Keep going until we cross the finish line...

Sunday, April 23, 2017


There's an age gap of thirty plus years between us - almost a generation apart! Despite the difference, there is no denying the chemistry present in our relationship. 
We hardly meet, maybe just twice a year at birthday and New Year celebrations. Mostly we 'converse' on email and share many common interests. The strong attraction we feel toward one another translates into genuine fondness, mutual respect and admiration, integrity and transparency, complete confidence and trust.

I love his old world charm and great sense of humor. In return he thinks I'm cute! He's funny, also a great and enthusiastic story teller. To top it all, a book learned gentleman who is virtually a walking encyclopaedia!
I love our conversations. We laugh a lot together. There's so much we give and get out of each exchange.
Age is really no barrier. I wish everyone has at least one such endearing relationship. 

So good...

Thursday, April 20, 2017


School days weren't my happiest. I felt I had left no indelible significant memory and was not missed in any way. There were no contacts made with teachers, fellow students etc after we said our goodbyes and walked out the formidable school gate.
School was over; the close of one chapter.

Imagine my shock and utter disbelief when after forty years, a classmate I haven't heard from or seen called. "I've been thinking of you the past few years," she started. "And often wondered what had happened to you," she continued.
"So nice to hear your voice," we both chanted.

Through her, I learned some startling facts about Me. It seemed even back then, I was a popular figure at school and had a keen following. In fact I was somewhat idolized! Oh, really!? I never knew any of that. 

She was quick to add that I was different; stood out and demonstrated strong leadership qualities. You don't say!   Even though I was stern and firm - the no nonsense type  -  I had a soft heart and genuinely cared for people. That's true!

I'm walking on air... It's good to know my school years of obscurity weren't totally lost! I had mattered even then. So good to know ...even when it's forty years too late! 

Time for closure.

Smile, you'll never know who is watching...

Monday, April 17, 2017


A lone elderly cleaning attendant was at her job scrubbing toilets. No one paid attention to the lowly labourer. She might as well be transparent. 
I felt compelled to do something nice. Hugging her would have sent her screaming 'lunatic on the loose!' That was certainly not my intention! Instead I approached and handed her a five dollar note and said, "minum kopi." (for your coffee break). 
The cleaner was stunned momentarily and then thundered back excitedly, "TERIMA KASIH" (Thank you) Her short shout sounded like an applause. A fiver means very little to us but it can provide a decent simple meal for someone who is really hungry. Maybe she'll save the money for candies for her grandchildren later. The thought brought a smile. 
Even as I have recorded this small incident, she too may have relayed her five dollar blessing story to her family, friends and neighbours and perhaps drew a couple of WOWS! On hindsight, I should have given her ten! My, what a story that would spin...


Celebrity chef Martin Yan usually ends his cook show with this famous line: "If Yan can cook, so can you!"
Some people bring out the best in us. They help us imagine we can be better than we presently are. They believe we can succeed even when we ourselves have doubts. They make us feel good. 
I like to embrace this sort of positive vibrant energy; totally immerse in its powerful effect, which is life changing.

I visited a dear friend today. He's 87 but can easily pass for 65. His attitude is remarkable and his zest for life, contagious. I love being around him. He claims to be my biggest fan and makes me feel 10 feet tall even when I feel real small! I went to him with a gnawing concern. He offered coffee, cakes and good conversation as always. An hour later, I came away feeling like a goddess placed on a pedestal. I was high on self confidence. And what did my wise friend say: "If I can do it, so can you!"

I believe him and daresay that my simple faith in his word pleased him. Encouragement works both ways.

Thank God for special people in our lives...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


No matter how intelligent or informed we are, we still won't be able to give a totally accurate and satisfactory answer to all on: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? 
A question that is probably at the back of every mind.

Some will try desperately and furiously to defend God - who seems to be sitting on his hands -while others blame and curse Him for all the evil in the world. 

"If He is God, He can stop them. Why doesn't He?"

Try, as some do, to provide smart, intellectual and theological answers, they end up frustrated, angry even and their faith, possibly, a little shaken. 

Let God be God!  Often He is put into a mould fashioned by human design.

With individuals who are currently in the throes of grave difficulties and suffering with minds closed and hearts hardened, nothing said would convince them of the unconditional sacrificial love of a righteous, just, faithful, generous, patient and merciful God. And who can blame them. There are no degrees of suffering to the sufferer. Pain is pain.  Sorrow is sorrow.

Having seen much hardship in various forms showcased in my own life as well as those around me and further in the world at large, I have gone through a kaleidoscope of emotional, spiritual, moral and physical upheaval. These have unavoidably directed me to the point of my faith.  
"What is Man that Thou, O God, should be mindful of him. What is he that Thou should care for him."

I believe that part of the answer to the Question Why? lies strongly in the very attributes of our Maker. Only He would/could completely and unquestionably make things right! He satisfies.  I am but clay in the potter's hand.
May God help us all.

Friday, April 7, 2017


I liked it when I was at the height of my career. 
Decisions, deadlines, deadlock, devilish opponents, demise etc are all part of the corporate game. I relished the chase and being chased. 

Nothing beats the thrill of the "kill!" And the celebration, after wards. How stimulating-how rewarding!

That was THEN. Today, the pace is slower, quieter, less risk and more calculated. Still passionate but less perilous.
A new season brings about change and different challenges; some of which are more trying than before! Retirement is 'rest' well earned. Still, we need to adapt and adjust; accommodate what life has in store. Our plate is full of surprises. 

The best years are ahead! Never retire from life.  That way, work is    p l e a s u r e   redefined. Enjoy ...